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Electronic physician documentation for meaningful use.

Custom web-based templates, structured dictation, history, custom shortcuts, speech recognition, and/or free-typing.

Recapture lost productivity with TalkChart™.
  • Web Notes Anywhere/Anytime
  • No More Duplication
  • Physician Flexibility

TalkChart™ is a multi-specialty medical charting system built to mirror your style. Unlike other systems, it adapts to you, not the other way around. Describe the encounter your way with complaint-specific content that's personalized to your style and evolves to enhance performance.

With the live document viewer you'll be confident that the chart reflects exactly what you intended because you can view it as you do it.

When your patient encounter doesn't fit the mold, flexibility is the key. Using content guidance with voice narrative, TalkChart™ offers the perfect balance between structure and speed.

Personalized Default Phrases

  • Predefined Normals

  • Single Click Entry

  • Fast Drag & Click Multi-entry

  • Slash Dictation Costs

TalkChart™ is built for speed. The most commonly used phrases in your charts are your often repeated, rarely-modified normals. Enhance efficiency by using a personalized system that composes the simplest of content in a single click.

Record Critical Complex Narrative

  • Embedded Dictation Snippets

  • Unmatched Reliability

  • Templated Guidance

TalkChart™ is reliable, affordable, and accurate. Online charting with embedded dictation snippets allows you to access your charts anywhere, anytime. Dictation snippets are embedded and stored realtime to eliminate the scourge of redictation and you can replay your snippets anytime to ensure that you captured what you need.

Natural Language Composer + Free Form Typing Flexibility

  • Compose Flowing Natural Narrative

  • Touch History (ToucHx™) Saves Time

  • Common Phrases, Positive Findings, & Predefined Narrative

TalkChart™ gives you the most flexibility. The Natural Language Composer lets you mix and match your style to control costs without sacrificing the message. It's your patient, your chart should reflect your thoughts. TalkChart™ let's you decide how to communicate your valuable insight and reflects your practice patterns, because it's personalized for you.


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