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Depending on the size of your group and your specific needs, we can get you started in as little as 48 hours, but remember, TalkChart is built to match your practice flow. And, although we'll start you out with a simplified specialty module, to get the most out of TalkChart, a little prep work goes a long way. You can kickstart the process by getting us a few things we need to start you off on the right foot.

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TalkChart mirrors the communication style and preferences of clinicians to improve workflow efficiency.

TalkChart, by EvolveMed, is a cloud-based clinical documentation software platform that works the way clinicians think. Each clinician is unique. Your thought processes, practice patterns and communication styles differ regardless of the similarities in which you were trained. TalkChart was engineered to mirror the communication and workflow preferences of its users so documenting a patient encounter is fast, easy and, most importantly, accurately reflects the appropriate level of decision making and care rendered. Take the tour.

The documentation solution clinicians dream about.
Slash documentation time, enhance productivity, and increase throughput.

With TalkChart, it's not only possible, it's easy and affordable.
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Personalized clinician documentation, easy to start & intuitive use.

You’re in control—use personalized common phrases, custom procedure narrative and point-relevant history along with on-demand voice or speech recognition to create intuitive, in-depth records fully personalized to your style and preferences.

TalkChart gets you on your feet and running, fast. In 30 to 60 minutes you’ll be creating better notes that take half the time. Produce high-quality, complete notes, faster and with more flexibility. It’s patient care, enhanced. Start Tour.

Maximize clinical workflow efficiency.

TalkChart is the solution designed for clinicians that hospital staff dream about, allowing MD’s to see more patients and focus on care, and giving staff the tools they need to enhance and simplify clinical workflow.

TalkChart is a hosted solution that integrates seamlessly into your current hospital system or infrastructure. And implementation is lightning fast; clinicians can be trained in under 60 minutes. Ultimately, that means more productive MD’s, better patient care, and higher practice revenue. Pricing.

Seamless interoperability, and data you can use.

TalkChart is fully HL7 capable for supporting inter-enterprise health information exchange, and follows the latest integration best practices, to merge seamlessly into your current technology infrastructure.

Way beyond traditional documentation practices; TalkChart stores structured discrete data that are easily mapped to the underlying data structure of the EHR. Improved data capture means better metrics for conducting research, demonstrating trends and gauging efficiency for improved practice operations.

  • “I get my note done much faster so I can actually spend more time with patients, I may even see more patients. TalkChart makes my life easier. It lets me do my job and minimizes the time I spend charting. A physician can take one look at TalkChart and clearly see the advantages and how it will improve their particular workflow.”

    Howard R. Weeks, MD, Assistant Professor of Psychiatry
  • “I’ve never been so relaxed while doing my notes!”

    Professor of Pediatrics, Pediatric Cardiology, Primary Children's Hospital, Martin Tristani-Firouzi, MD
  • “It was not until I used the system that I realized what I had been missing without it.”

    Jeremy Kendrick, MD, Pediatrics/Adult Psychiatry/ Child
  • “They can pry TalkChart from my cold, dead fingers!”

    Jennifer O’Donohoe, MD

Working with top EMR’s and medical systems.

TalkChart is unparalleled in interoperability and can be easily integrated with top EMRs and hospital systems, like Allscripts, NextGen, Greenway, eClinicalWorks, and more.

See TalkChart in Action

See how healthcare providers in one busy academic hospital department went from taking 28 minutes to create a complete note to just 11 minutes.

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